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Affair Recovery

Infidelity turns your world upside down. Any form of affair (emotional or sexual) is traumatic to the marriage. Research shows that 50% of all marriages will experience infidelity on some level. After an affair, you are shattered emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Affair recovery is a process of healing a relationship following an affair. It gives you reassurance that hope exists in the midst of chaos and confusion. The process usually takes six months to two years. It is a painful but necessary process to rebuild trust before moving forward.

I offer a structured, concrete, and therapeutic steps of affair recovery which will help couples work through the pain, explore the deeper emotional issues, rebuild trust, restore the communication, and reconnect emotionally and physically.

The therapeutic process consists of the following key elements:

1. Ending the affair

2. Creating safe and healthy boundaries

3. Understanding what happened and why it happened

4. Feeling the impact and releasing the emotional pain

5. Owning the decision

6. Making plan for change

7. Healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation

8. Renewal of the marriage vow

Why The Betrayed Spouse Wants Details

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"Divorcing" the Past to Rebuild Trust

Affair Recovery

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