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Spiritual Counseling

I am lost and confused

Faith or spirituality strengthens our meaning and purpose in life.  However, heavy feelings show up when we cannot make sense out of what we believe and what we experience. Spiritual formation happens when life and spirituality intersects.  Anyone struggling with faith issues benefits from spiritual counseling.

My holistic approach of interacting with the mind, body, and spirit will help clients gain insights and perspectives of their life experiences connected to their spirituality. Integrating faith and spirituality into our mental, emotional, physical well-beings helps foster deeper meaning, healing, and growth.

I will not impose my worldview on your but I can work with client of any faith/spiritual tradition. My therapeutic presence and interventions will help you find peace and freedom in your soul as you resonate the life issues with your faith.


Common issues of people seeking spiritual counseling:

spiritual abuse, shame/guilt, identity, life decisions, meaning of life

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