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You are not alone. Every couple experiences sexual issues at some point. Newlyweds experience sexual adjustment problems of who initiates, what is exciting, when and how often. Couples with young children are inevitably exhausted and have trouble keeping the bedroom a priority, leading to fights and feelings of relational doom. Older couples struggle with menopause. Some couples with relational resentments that can shut down sex. In marriage, where one person is more of a pursuer and the other is more of a distancer, which is the essential difficulty in maintaining sexual desire.  Emotional disconnect also results in couples losing the joy and pleasure in making love.

In sex therapy, you will address concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy.

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Sex Therapy

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Affair, Sex Addiction & Pornography

I also offer counseling and psychotherapy for couples struggling with sexual intimacy as a result of the emotional impact of an affair, sex addiction, or use of pornography. I will help you address the underlying issues and rebuild the relationship. There is hope for repair, reconciliation and sexual intimacy again when the acting-out partner and the impacted partner have their own recovery as well as couple counseling together.

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