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Couples with Depression

Shifting from Depression to Compassion

Unsupportive or unhappy relationship is a risk factor for depression. Research shows that people in troubled relationships are three times as likely to experience depression as those who are not. Over 40% of the wives in unhappy marriages are depressed.

On the other hand, depression makes it difficult to maintain a supportive and fulfilling relationships. If you or your partner suffer from depression, you may be so overwhelmed by the symptoms that communication is energy-draining and conflict-provoking. You feel powerless and guilty to do anything. At the same time, you never receive the reassurance you need from the relationship because of the excessive negative thoughts and accusations.


As frustration increases, anger and resentment are built up in the relationship. When anger turns into criticism, the cycle of guilt and depression continues.

Loving Couple

However, there is hope! Couple therapy is proven to be effective in treating depression when the distress in the relationship is reduced. I have worked with many couples dealing with depression and successfully making positive changes in the relationship and the depressed symptoms.

Self-Assessments for Depression:

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