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Parenting is heart work

Parent Coaching

Being a parent can be challenging when children do not respond the ways you expected.  You want your child to succeed but often experience frustration, disappointment, and despair.  And yet, parenting is an amazing gift to your children when you give your attention to their hearts, not just the behaviors.

Children and adolescents face all kinds of challenges today and parents need insight and guidance to unlock the child's potentials.  Children's issues like hiding feelings, disrespect, lying, or inappropriate use of electronics need special attention. Children with biological issues like trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD need special approach.

In parenting counseling, I will help parents evaluate the parenting style, identify core issues, and offer practical parenting principles and tools that strengthen the child-parent relationship.

Parent and Child

First-Time Parents

It can be sweet but at the same time scary when you bring your baby home the very first time. Developing your philosophy of parenting with your spouse early on is the greatest gift for your baby's growth.

The initial years of parental interactions have a long-term impact on the psycho-social growth of the child. You will gain skills to connect with your precious baby before he or she can speak.

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When parents are divorced or separated, both parties still need help in improving their mutual abilities to work together as co-functioning joint parents on child-related issues.

Co-parenting counseling is designed to look forward and help both parties co-exist to address issues concerning the children without having to endlessly spend time, money, and negative energies on unnecessary battles and trips to court.

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Blended Families

Being a step-parent is one of the difficult roles to take on when remarried couples make extra effort to navigate the ups and downs of remarriage and the building of a new blended family.

A loving and well-adjusted step-family is possible when couples committed to taking the time to get there. The Gottman Institute found that the strength of a couple's relationship determines the success of a blended family.

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Frustrating Parents

Do you find yourself nagging or yelling at your child? Some parents want to be firm but end up being harsh. Firmness requires action, not anger.

Responding with anger is a form of power struggle. Anger at children may seems justified but it is rarely wise. Firmness teaches children to do the what is right but harshness gives them a wrong message.

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