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Benefits of Relationship Coaching for Neurodiverse Couples

Neurological and Sensory Perspectives

Communication Techniques

Empathetic Approach

Emotional Connection

Physical Intimacy

Deeper Understanding

Acceptance and Love

Fulfilling Relationship

More helpful resources are available at Neurodiverse Couples Counseling

Neurodiverse Couples

Intimacy is very much possible

Intimate relationship is challenging for neurodiverse couples who have very different perspectives, communication styles, and personalities than each other. My previous work as an occupational therapist enhances my empathy and professional understanding towards couples facing neurodiversity issues.

Neurology affects how a person thinks, feels, speaks, and believes. It also make an impact on an intimate relationship when it affects every conversation a couple has, how they make decisions together, and how to raise kids together.

During couple relationship coaching, I take these factors into account to help improve communication and intimacy in the neurodiverse relationship.

Couple by a River

Could It Be Aspergers by Tony Attwood

Diagnosis is not necessary but it is sometimes helpful for deeper understanding leading to more appropriate therapeutic approach. These online assessments are optional for you:

  1. Autism Spectrum Quotient (33-50 = possible AS)

  2. Empathy Quotient (< 30 = possible AS)

  3. Ritvo Autism & Asperger Diagnostic Scale (RAADS-14) (>13 = possible AS) 

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